Sunday 7 August 2011

What I Did On My Holidays...

My recent attempt to catch some live music whilst on holiday in Venice and Stockholm was a bust. Not from want of trying though.

As it was, I had to run to the hills from the prospect of Sting and his Symphonicity tour stinking up St Marks Square. (Warning: The video contains images of extreme smugness). The Biennale was good though.

Stockholm on the other hand was teeming with good music – if only I could have found it. I spent well over an hour searching under a motorway for fabled rock club Debaser, before the needs of others took priority.

However, as a treat, here is a link to Swedish label Labrador and their free compilation ‘Stockholm Belongs To Us’ . It’s really good.

Normal service is now resumed . Plenty of stuff coming up...

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