Monday 8 April 2013

Bibelots, Council Tax Band, By Starlight, Type Two Error at Sebright Arms - 5 April 2013

By Starlight

(Of course I was gonna use this photo)

I’m out tonight because I need to see some people. About some stuff. Once our plotting is completed we head down to the tiny basement that lies beneath the pub.

First band on are Type Two Error. There are three of them and they have a lean and hungry look about them. The singer/guitarist gives us a no nonsense stare. He is one of the generation of English vocalists who were lost to the influence of Liam Gallagher. Although he mixes things up a bit, the predominant noise is a sneering, very nasal whine. And, as is the case with Mr Gallagher, it works a lot better than it ought to.

The band rock along nicely and it’s a solid start to the evening. I learn later that two of them used to be in The Cooper Temple Clause, which explains their competence and dynamics.

We become aware of a bit of a kerfuffle down the front. The supporters of the next band, By Starlight, have grabbed chairs from upstairs and plonked them down facing the stage. It’s either a very enterprising or arrogant move depending upon your viewpoint.

By Starlight are another trio, two girls and a boy. Their name seems to reference Smashing Pumpkins and in their publicity they cite influences such as Hole and Pixies. However, although those bands are certainly in the mix, the real inspiration is the biggest band of that era, Nirvana, specifically in the ‘In Utero’ period.

So we get a terrific combination of hard rock married to actual tunes and proper vocals over the top. If I had a seat, I’d be standing on it. Really enjoyable stuff.

The next band hail from my own original neck of the woods and have saddled themselves with the appalling and largely ungoogle-able name of Council Tax Band. And they are enormous fun.

Taking their cues from the likes of Art Brut or The Chalets, this is serious pop with a smile on its face. The singer is chatty and funny while the keyboard player slides and crawls over her instrument and is obviously thoroughly enjoying herself.

Council Tax Band really warm your heart and cheer you up. I’ll hopefully see them again.

One of my guilty secrets is that I quite like Kasabian, who I think make interesting and inventive music for the masses, but who rather let themselves down by acting like complete arseholes whenever they come within range of an interviewers microphone.

The last band of the evening are Bibelots and they are the answer to my self-imposed dilemma. They sound so much like Leicester’s finest, that  Kasabian could take time off and allow them to record an album and tour in their stead. And they seem like nice chaps into the bargain.

It’s catchy rock music with an electronic sheen. There are big choruses and major tunes. I’m well chuffed with them and only the lateness of the hour prevents me from staying for the entirety of their set.

Tonight I’ve seen four bands on spec and there’s nary a duff one in the bunch. I’m especially taken with Council Tax Band and am very happy with the others. Well done all round.

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