Tuesday 5 May 2015

Cold in Berlin at Black Heart - May 3rd 2015

Cold in Berlin pic by Neil at Wildblanket.com

I think that the time has come for me to close this blog down.

I still go to gigs, I still see many great bands.

Unfortunately, what has deteriorated is my ability to write about them in a fresh and interesting way. They deserve better, and so, reader, do you.

I shall instead turn my attention to Twitter, and try to do something more relevant via that medium. Frankly, in the current media world, my role is that of one of innumerable curators. All I can legitimately say about any act is “This band exists. I like them. Here is a link to their songs or a video of their live performance. I hope that you like them too. Go and see them live if you can.” 

Talking of which, a final recommendation for Call of theWyld stalwarts Cold in Berlin. I recently saw them play a show above the eye-wateringly expensive Black Heart bar in Camden.

They are still a wonderful live band. They are slower and heavier than of yore, but they remain a thrilling presence. Singer Maya is never more comfortable than prowling through a packed audience, her powerful voice dominating the room.

The band are now on their third album, something that I find incredible and wonderful. They are doing their own thing, have built a small but devoted following and bring pleasure to whoever encounters them.

That’s the ethos that I have tried to bring to this blog. I may flirt with the big arena shows or well-established artists, but really it is all about the new acts who are starting out, the bands that don’t get the publicity,  those who are amazed when anyone other than immediate family and friends turns up to see them.

For those bands, I'll still be there. And I will do my best to spread the word.