Saturday 5 April 2008

Call of the Wyld - Clearing My Throat

This is an experiment that aims to show whether I can sustain my own and others interest in mostly music related guff. I apologise right now if work, gig-attendance and all-round idleness result in infrequent posts.

What you will mainly find on here are live reports from around the London music world, plus the odd album or single review.

I have written in the past for Artrocker, but feel that their priorities and my own have diverged to the extent where it is probably for the best if I try to do my own thing. But I love them dearly, and recommend that you leave this site straight off and head to for all your musical requirements.

What type of music will you find here? All sorts, but generally new, lesser known acts who are still playing in small rooms and need a bit of exposure. As I feel that very few bands deserve to be strangled at birth, comments here will generally be positive - I'm not going to waste everyone's time slagging off bands, as this is not what I'm here for.

This is very much a new venture, and will evolve over time. Probably. Let's go...

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