Tuesday 15 April 2008

Call Of The Wyld: Muxtape One

I don't know whether Muxtape is old hat or what, but it seems pretty nifty to me. Here's a quick sampling of fresh UK talent. Enjoy.

1. Sidecar Kisses - Austere

2. Pop Fosters - Firing Line

3. Kaputt - Family Tree

4. Fake Fang - Dial W For Warhol

5. Death Cigarettes - Bleed You Dry

6. Esser - Headlock

7. Cobra Dukes - Science Fiction

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey, any chance you have got a copy of that original 'Firing Line'?

Would love to hear it again for nostalgia purposes!

We have lost all copies.


Richie & Sara (formerly known as Pop Fosters)