Wednesday 9 April 2008

Hearsay: Holy Fuck @ 100 Club

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Last night I was due to see Holy Fuck at the 100 Club. Unfortunately, I had another appointment at Stamford Bridge and couldn't make it. But no matter, a crack team of experienced gig goers went without me.

The reports for the 'Fuck are not the kind of thing that the band will want to put on their posters (assuming they can find somewhere that will let them display their name in the first place).

Holy effing Sh*te is what they were (Or rather Wholly effing S** with no redeeming qualities whatsoever)!

Ok, that's a bit harsh.

Somewhat disappointing compared to expectations - the motorik groovefailed to materialise to any great extent and they looked (bunch of lads hunched around each other with few vocals) and sounded more like Battles than Neu!. Still pretty enjoyable but not the world-beaters I had hopes for.

That's a bit better.

Not sure what the others thought as they all left before the end, but Ienjoyed them. Not great but OK, ie I wouldn't kill myself to see them again but if they crossed our horizon I wouldn't say no either, if you get the drift.

Not quite a ringing endorsement.

Nicer words for support act Free Blood. He looks like he's escaped from Midlake - tall, beard, plaid shirt, cords, v-necked jumper. She looks like a librarian letting her hair down - page-boy cut, yellowdress. But most of their songs are erotically charged as it requires them to dance with each other to backing beats unencumbered other then with mikes. Pretty brave thing to do, but it worked for me.

I wish I'd seen them.

Thanks to Keith, Clive, Martin and Peter for their assistance.

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Godlike Genius said...

I thought that the support were more interested in getting off with each other than entertaining the audience. Certainly I remarked to Keith that I thought when they finished playing they would go back to their hotel and have a really great shag, but that was the sum total of their interest.