Thursday 16 February 2012

The Kabeedies, The Cut Outs and Black Sands at Camden Barfly - 15 February 2012

The Kabeedies (pic: Chris Dorney)

If they are playing to a mere handful of people in a near empty venue, a band has to be a bit careful with its banter. So when one of Guitars Have Ghosts looks at two punters sitting on the floor and remarks “You must be very tired” they prove that they are not. They get up and leave.

The band themselves are pretty decent, although clearly love themselves far more than anyone who has come to see them could ever hope to.

They have some good tunes, share the vocals between them and are not averse to rocking out when the song demands it. They don’t set the world on fire, but they are perfectly acceptable. They’ve just got to get the balance right between confident and cocky.

The young men in Black Sands have a sizeable female following. It may be something to do with their fashionably floppy hair, it may be because they are a bit sensitive and emotional. It may be because they are damn good.

What seals the deal for me is the sheer power that they generate. Musically they are not a world away from sensitive Postcard acts like Orange Juice, what distinguishes them is a one bass, three guitar line up which gives the songs some real punch.

The singer/guitarist closes his eyes as he sings and ladies swoon. This lot will do just fine. If I were to be hyper-critical I would say that while Black Sands have a great look and a great sound, they don’t yet have that killer song that grabs you by the lapels. But that will come.

The Cut Outs are very slick and polished. They are a no frills three piece straight up rock outfit. Two of whom harmonise like the Pierces whilst kicking ass like The Pack A.D. Impressive? Hell yes.

Jess plays bass and Stevie plays guitar they are similarly dressed in denim and grey and there is a cool, lean prison-yard vibe to them. Nice girls, but you wouldn’t want to mess them about.

As with the last band, I like them a lot. I recommend that you pop along to their website and download ‘Chasers’ for free.

The headliners are Norwich’s Kabeedies, who are back on the block with a new album 'Soap' to promote.

They’ve lost none of their charm. Guitarists Evan and Roary flank singer Katie who waves her arms and blows around the stage like a dandelion seed. There’s a decent crowd in to see them and all is well…

…except with me. Somehow, during the last act I have developed a cold and am feeling headache-y and tired. I stick with the Kabeedies for their first few songs and eventually concede that I’d be better heading for my bed. It’s a pity.

An interesting night and two new acts discovered for me to keep an eye on. A good return on the evening.

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