Friday 30 March 2012

Those Darlins, The Good Suns - Lexington 28 March 2012

Those Darlins

Those Darlins pic David Quinally

By the time I wander into the venue, The Good Suns are just comfortably a couple of numbers into their set. And even though I get to see the majority of their act this evening, I regret the loss of those early songs. Because the Good Suns are really rather good.

This is guitar-based melodic pop. There are harmonies, nifty tunes and a sort of C86 jangle. I’ve no idea what is fashionable, but I’m very happy to soak in their music.

The band have gained a bit of attention by getting desperate attention whore Lembit Opik to appear in the video for their single Pop Wound. It’s better tonight without him.

The first thing that you notice about Those Darlins is that they are shy one Darlin, Kelley Anderson having left the group just prior to the current tour. Jessi, Nikki and Linwood are joined by a new/stand in? bassist who enjoys himself, but stays out of the way.

As this is the band’s first time in Europe, it’s hard to say how the line up change has affected them. However, nothing seems awkward, everything is fun, so no complaints from this side of the stage.

Those Darlins hail from Nashville, Tennessee and their accents give each tune a real rootsy twang. The songs themselves are simple stripped down garage punk, no nonsense, all business.

Jessi and Nikki alternate vocals, with Linwood occasionally chipping in from behind his drum kit. This three-pronged approach works well, allowing for variety and for each to play to their strengths.

The Darlins give off a magnificent vibe of good girls gone/goin’ bad – fiercely sensual but in utter control.

Jessi is petite, exotically dressed and works the crowd with selected use of her fantastic eyes. These are as big as saucers. Jeepers Creepers, where’d she get those peepers!

Nikki, resplendently and apparently haphazardly tattooed, beams out with deadpan detachment. She’s wry and relaxed and appears highly amused.

The set is divided between the debut album and the latest ‘Screws Get Loose’. There is more of an obvious Country influence on the older material such as ‘Red Light Love’.

As the set ends, Jessi hops off the stage and into the crowd, guitar and all. It makes for a suitably riotous end to a damn fine show.

You’ve gotta love Those Darlin’s.

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Point of order - the date should be 28th